AAQI Quilts

Today, I finished beading the AAQI quilts. They are ready to be mailed off as soon as they get registered. Only problem is finding a name for them.  I'm open to suggestions.

The quilt above is an all fused quilt with thread painting and hand-beading.

This quilt has a pieced background with fused applique, thread painting, and hand-beading. The binding is a medium blue color. It isn't showing on this photo because I scanned this quilt and it didn't fit the glass table.

I've decided I like scanning these small quilts to store the images on my computer instead of photographing them. They come out much clearer when scanned.

Please take some time to visit the AAQI website. Look at the quilts and place a bid, make a monetary donation, or make a donation quilt.


These quilts are so beautiful. It is so kind of you to donate such wonderful works of art. I would like to donate a quilt sometime also. I checked out the website, thank you for the information. Blessings, Jenna Louise

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