January Saturday Sampler Blocks

Back to quilting today. I made up the January blocks for the Saturday Sampler this afternoon. I braved the cold basement afraid it would be too cold to work, but plugging in the space heater took the chill off the room. So I happily cut and sewed until time to fix dinner tonight. I also finished a customer quilt. It's nice to make some progress in the studio.

The January sampler blocks are Album Variation. The one above is in the Black and Bright colorway.

This is the original colorway.

I am enjoying the comments about the thread crochet doilies. It's nice to know that there are others who appreciate the work involved and the beauty of these little pieces. It's amazing what a piece of thread and a small hook can make.

I have 2 more doilies finished and one in progress. The one in progress isn't working out. For some reason I can't get the pattern worked correctly. So after ripping everything out and starting over twice, I decided to stop where I keep messing up in the pattern and just do my own thing from this point on. Hopefully it will look ok. It won't be much like the pattern at all, but at least it will be finished.

This doily is a larger version of the one posted yesterday. It's the perfect size to place underneath a lamp or a bowl.


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