MQS 2010

Here is a photo of my quilt "Inner Circle" hanging at MQS. No ribbon this year, but I sure was happy with the judges critique. It was much better than last year. The competition was really impressive with the amount of quilting and creativity in the entries.

I spent the entire week at MQS taking classes and meeting up with old friends and making new friends, and of cours - shopping! The classes I took were mainly on quilting design and embellishment. I came home with lots of new ideas and one quilt top in progress. I took an all-day class with Irena Bluhm on wholecloth design that includes applique. That top is all marked and ready for the applique. Perhaps it will be show-worthy for next year. We'll have to see if I find the time to complete it.

The classes on embellishment were a lot of fun. I hope to add lots of new techniques to my own art quilts in the future.

On top of these classes, I took 2 classes on digitizing quilting designs. A new venture is in store for "Sunrise Quilt Studio". I will be digitizing and marketing quilting designs in the future. Stay tuned!


Love your whole cloth quilts, this one would win a blue ribbon in my world!!!! Cyndi
Susan Loftin said…
Thank you, Cyndi. I am happy with the way the quilt turned out. The competition was pretty stiff at MQS this year.

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