Blue Tigers

The quilting on "Blue Tigers" was completed today. I used a variety of threads - Signature 100% cotton, Sew Fine 50wt., and Glide poly thread on this quilt and Hobbs 100% cotton battingg. The frame around the quilt is fused like all the appliques.

I drew around the eyes and formed the pupils with a black fabric marker, then quilted the iris of the lime green eyes with a gold color Glide poly thread.

The blue tiger lilies will get beads added to the stamins.

The cone flowers will also get some beading in their centers.


Betty said…
Very nice. Your quilting made this project come alive.
eva said…
The Cat is AMAZING!!!!

Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Eva. A made a pattern for the cat from a photo of my own calico cat.

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