Girls Day Off

DD#1 and I took the day off today and took a field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum. The idea was to take time and do some sketching of the exhibits for art class. The museum is under construction right now and some of the exhibits are not on display. There were enough exhibits of paintings and artifacts to keep us busy for 3 hours, though.

This is a photo of the lake from the front of the museum.


This is the hill that leads from the front of the museum to the lake. DH and I would sit on this hill the first year we were married and watch people fly kites. There was also an annual hot air balloon show that was launched here.

About 30 years ago, DH and I lived across the highway from Forest Park where the St. Louis Zoo and the Art Museum are located. We were dirt poor, just married, and I was finishing up my last year in nursing school at the hospital across the highway from Forest Park. For fun and entertainment, we would spend hours at the St. Louis Zoo and the Art Museum since both are free of charge.

It's nice to go back once in a while a see how similar things still are.


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