Reupholstering Vintage Chairs

I started reupholstering the vintage chairs today with my Grandmother's chair as my first project. I finished the back and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The seat is another story. This is what I found when I took off the old fabric. Several of the wires have been broken and need to be replace. That should be a difficult task, though. I just need to find the same guage wire and replace the broken pieces. You can see a clamp that DH placed on the left side for me. The wood was cracked here and he added some wood glue and clamped it to stabilize it. The new foam for the seat is cut and ready for the upholstery. It will be next weekend before I get back to this job.

The photo below is of the bottom of the seat of the rocker that I just bought. The damage here is more severe and will take more work to fix. 3 of the 4 springs in the seat are broken. Two of the broken springs have had some attempts made at repair, but they aren't holding. So I have to find 3 springs, or an entire new spring assemble for this seat.

On a more positive note, I did find a fabric to reupholster the rocker with. This is a chenille and the color goes well with the upholstery fabric I bought for my Grandmother's chair.

So, this will be a long, involved project, but I think it will be worth it in the end.


Unknown said…
your doing an amazing job, i too am redoing an antique chair. its time consuming but so worth it. good luck
Unknown said…
it looks awesome, keep up the good work, im doing a chair also, itll be worth it in the end good luck

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