Completed Cat's Cradle Quilt

It took quite some time, but I finally finished the Cat's Cradle Quilt. I like how replacing the borders made such a difference in the quilt. It was one that would have been completely disassembled and remade with only the pieced blocks if I hadn't experimented on ways to keep this quilt intact as much as possible and still have been able to quilt it.

The Grunge fabric for the outer border was a near perfect replacement for the original fabric. I don't think I could have gotten any closer to the original color.

This is one quilt I will be keeping. When I put as much time and energy into a quilt as I did this one, I cherish it.

Here is one of the videos I posted on You Tube about this quilt. Check out my channel to see more quilting videos at Sunrise Quilt Studio


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