Making Quilt Labels

I recently published a video on my You Tube channel about making computer generated quilt labels similar to those pictured above. I am pretty diligent about labeling my quilts - now! I wasn't always. But I started to realized that with purchasing so many unfinished quilt tops that I didn't have a way to find the stories or the makers behind these quilts, that my quilts would be the same. So I now do my best to attach a label to each quilt I complete shortly after it is finished.

Computer printed labels was a great time saver for me. If I don't have much information to put into a label, I can get 4 labels to a sheet of computer printer fabric. If I have a long story to put into a label, I can get 2 to a sheet. Sometimes I only have text on the label, but I am getting to where I add clipart to fancy it up a bit.

With all the quilts that I own, it gets confusing at times as to the names of each one and when they were completed. With the labels attached, there isn't any question. This will come in handy whenever I am gone and my family is left dealing with my quilts.

I also have a spreadsheet in my computer that lists all the quilts by name and includes the dates they were completed, where they were completed, the estimated value of each quilt and where they are located. I have enough quilts that not all of them are in any one location in my house. We use the quilts I make, so some are on beds, others are stored, and some are hanging as wall art - in the house and other locations.

There are many different ways to add labels to quilts. I hand sew my computer printed labels, but they could also be fused on. The labels can be added before or after quilting the top. They can be made from a block left over from making the top, hand written on a piece of muslin or solid colored fabric. Hand drawn artwork can be added with fabric markers and pens. Your imagination is the only limitation.

I hope you take some time to label your quilts.


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