Morning Glory Quilt

After spending 6 weeks quilting the Cat's Cradle Quilt, I needed a fairly quick project just for fun. This Morning Glory quilt was the one I chose. It is a 1930s top with irregular edges. I bought this top about 3 years ago at a flea market. It was on display outdoors tossed over the back of a chair and it had been raining the night before. Half of the quilt was dragging in a mud puddle. I purchased the top, took it home and washed and dried it and put it in storage. I have some plastic storage boxes that I store my quilt projects in until they are completed.

The quilting is simple on this quilt. It is continuous curve around the rectangles and triangles that make up the circles of the blocks, and straight line quilting in the hexagons. It took some work to figure out a path for continuous quilting, but once I figured it out, the quilting went fairly quickly.

The binding that I originally thought would be a huge undertaking was actually not a problem at all. I cut the binding on the bias and made some extra to account for all the irregular edges. The binding went on smoothly and only took an extra hour to hand stitch onto the back than what I would usually spend on a straight edged quilt.

My You Tube video on binding this quilt is below.

My You Tube video on the quilting design is below:


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