Dauphin Island Dreaming

The seascape quilt is done!!! Except for the binding and label, but I'll have that done in a day or two.

Each time I photograph a quilt, I realize how desperately I need a place that will accomodate bed-sized quilts. My design wall isn't tall enough because my basement ceilings aren't tall enough. But then, I would need 9 foot tall ceilings to be able to photograph bed-sized quilts and my house just doesn't have 9 foot tall ceilings!

Oh, well! Here are the photos I took, making due with my 8 foot ceilings.

And some more!

I chose to quilt a large meander in the outer border because the borders are so wide. I just couldn't figure out anything more creative to put in them. It seems to work though - giving the impression of clouds in a sky and texture in the sand.

The goal in the sky and sand was to create a separate texture in each fabric. The house is outline quilted and the trunks of the palm trees have a simple straight line quilting to separate the different segments of the trunk. The leaves of the trees are freehand quilted to give the impression of the separate leaf sections of a palm frond.

So Ziggy B - here you go! I have to say that it looks REALLY good on my own bed :D



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