What I Did Today

Or what I did yesterday! I spent the entire day working on landscape quilts.

Here's the before photo of my dining room table covered with fabrics for me to chose from to make the quilts.

And here is the after photo of the quilts I made from the fabrics. This actually took me 2 days to do. One day to draw the patterns and another day to chose the fabrics, cut them out and glue them together.

The quilts need to be appliqued. I'll do this by hand for some of them. Others will be done by machine.

I really like this process of landscape quilting. I make the pattern on a piece of printer paper or tracing paper and transfer trace it on to freezer paper. After numbering the pieces in order of assembly, I chose the fabrics for each piece then cut the template from the freezer paper one piece at a time, iron the template onto the right side of the fabric and cut it out leaving a 1/2 inch margin all around.

To assemble the quilt, I start with the top piece and work my way down. I glue under the top edge of the piece then glue it into place to the piece above it. I heat set the glue with a hot iron and it stays securely in place. All that is left is to remove the freezer paper after all the pieces are glued in place and then applique them by hand or machine. Any embroidery or added texture with paints, inks, colored pencils, etc. is then added. The quilt is then layered with batting and backing and then quilted and bound. Any embellishment details are added last such as buttons, beading, etc.

The quilts I made are small and won't get much embellishment, but I will probably enhance some of them with colored pencils or pastels as well as some embroidery.



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