More Wholecloth Quilting

This is a photo of my current personal project. This wholecloth quilt design is from a Dover copywrite free image. I've made some modifications of the design to better fit as a trapunto quilt. I wanted something different from the feather wholecloth quilts I've done in the past. The quilt is rectangular instead of square and should finish around 76x60. I'll work on this after I finish 2 more customer projects.
The quilt on my machine at present is a charity quilt for the Kimberling Area Library. It's a beautiful redwork embroidery quilt. I finished the stabilizing quilting today and hope to finish all the detail quilting in a day or two.
The weather is in the single digits here in Mid-MO and that makes my unfinished basement studio a bit chilly - kind of like trying to quilt in a walk-in refrigerator! I managed to work in 45 minute segments today before having to come upstairs to warm up. Even the space heater wasn't much help. Cold weather makes quilting a bit difficult for me. Luckily the frigid temps aren't supposed to last long.


Anonymous said…
well these quilt really rocks.
Millie said…
Your whole cloth work is spectacular. It is time you make yourself a beautiful quilt.....and the design is beautiful. I can not wait to see the finished quilt.
Ginny said…
Susan, I have tagged you for a picture meme. Please come on over and check it out!
I have to say, your quilting is so beautiful, it is such an inspiration to me, I am sure I will never be able to quilt as beautifully as you do. I am ok with that, I just appreciate that you take your time to share your work with us all! Heck even your samples are better than what I do! LOL

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