More Wedding Gown Quilt Photos

The above photo is of the back of the quilt. The silk is white in color.
Another close-up of the quilting on the front.

This is the center top of the quilt. The little filigree heart is in the midline with the feathers extending off on both sides.


Shirley said…
The wedding gown quilt is outstanding.

Your quilting is perfect Susan. I am wondering, what shape is the quilt, or did you just quilt the actual gown. It is gorgeous. WOW! Shirley
Susan Loftin said…
The shape of the quilt is hard to see on the photos, but it is not a rectangular shape. It is rounded at the bottom where the train of the gown was. The upper corners of the quilt are also rounded. The customer took the gown apart and sewed it back together to make it a flat piece. I believe she used part of the bodice and perhaps the sleeves of the gown stitched to the skirt. It's really amazing how it worked out so well.

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