Test Samples

These photos are of the test sample that I made before quilting on the wedding gown quilt. The top fabric is a bridal satin with a mat finish. I have 2 layers of batting in this sample - Hobbs 100% cotton for the main batting and a 6.6oz poly batting for the trapunto batting. This is a faux trapunto quilt instead of a cutaway trapunto. I did not cut away the trapunto batting but quilted as usual. The 2 layers give a bit a a trapunto affect.
The backing fabric is a dupioni silk in an ivory color, and I bound this quilt using the satin fabric. The heart motif was traced onto the quilt using an air-soluble pen, and the feathers were freehand quilted.
I used Sew Fine 50wt. 3-ply thread #402 Pearl in the top and bobbin. The background is McTavished.
This test sample was for me to test the batting, thread and needle size to see what would work best. I used a 3.0MR needle for this sample. Once I got to the wedding gown quilt, though, I had to make changes even though the sample quilted up just fine. Since my remnants of satin and silk weren't exactly the same as the sample the results weren't the same, but it did give me a good starting point. I had to switch to just one layer of batting and use a size larger needle for the wedding gown quilt. The thread was the same, though.


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