Wedding Gown Quilt

Here it is! My photography isn't the best. I do wish I had a wall tall enough to hang the quilt and get a good photo, but I don't. This is a photo of the quilt before it was trimmed. It's laying on my bedroom floor on top of a couple of sheets.

This is a close-up view of the freehand Victorian feathers inbetween some of the lace, beading and sequins. The quilt is ivory satin with a silk backing.

This shows one of the filgree hearts I quilted in the upper right-hand corner of the quilt. I used a high loft polyester batting to get the faux-trapunto effect. The background is entirely McTavished.


Anonymous said…
What can I say, wow that is fantastic

Unknown said…
Simply amazing!

Do you have many people commission you to do these? I'm interested in having one done for me, but have *no* idea where to begin looking....
Unknown said…
Would you share how you did this? I have my grandmothers wedding dress and I love how much of the dress you see in your quilt.
Unknown said…
What a masterpiece! The quilting on it is out of this world! WOW!

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