Sun Painting

Since the sun was shining this morning, I decided to get my daughters outside and do some sun painting with them. It took me awhile to get things gathered up and everything outside, but we finally got it together and painted some fabric.

This is my second piece. I used red, yellow, cobalt blue and purple, then sprinkled canning salt all over the fabric.

This was my first piece - same colors as the one above, but I used rock salt instead. I didn't like the results of those large pieces of salt. I didn't get the drawing action the way I wanted. The salt seemed to act like a mask instead.

This is the 2nd piece my youngest daughter did. She used blue purple and yellow. We then laid some string across the top and she sprinkled salt over it.

My oldest daughter only did one piece. The computer was calling her-ha! She used cobalt blue and fuschia paint, then scattered pony beads across the paint and sprinkled a few pieces of rock salt over it.

This is my youngest daughter's first piece. She used seashells across the middle section of the fabric and sea animal foam stickers. This piece was all fuschia paint.

We would have done more pieces except the sky got cloudy and it started to rain :( Maybe next week we can try some more. I need lots of practice. I'm want to try to make some sky fabrics next. Today was just playing around to see how the colors worked together, how much water is needed, etc. I'm using Setacolor Fabric Paints that I ordered from Dharma Trading Company.


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