A Wonderful Surprise

A fellow longarm quilter and I got together at my house recently so I could show her some the techniques I use in custom quilts. She is a proficient panto quilter, but custom quilting is new to her.

I had Noell's Mystery quilt on the machine and I demo'd how I do straight-line quilting, as well as feathers in borders, triangles, and feather wreaths. Now my feather wreaths are usually done by tracing a circle on the quilt using a air soluble pen and a circle cut from cardstock. The cardstock circles are because I have only 1 acrylic circle template - a 7" diameter - and it rarely is the size I need. My homemade solution is to cut circles from cardstock and trace around them, then use a plastic lid from a butter tub as a guide for my hopping foot. My lids are never the right size either so I have to slide the lid around to keep it at the edge of the circle! It works, although it's a bit slow.

While I was at MQS I shopped for acrylic circle templates, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them! There were other items that I needed more, so I put them back on my wish list as a future purchase.

A few days after our quilting session, Susie surprised me with this gift!

3 acrylic circle templates in sizes 6", 5" and 4". Isn't she just the greatest friend!

Thank you Susie! I'll always be reminded of your generousity and friendship whenever I use them.


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