Bluhming Sampler

While I was quilting "Feather Starburst" I also drew out some 12x12" blocks of feathers using Irena Bluhm's techniques for feathers. I recently transferred the blocks onto a leftover piece of muslin and quilted them using a layer of 6.6oz poly over a layer of Soft and Bright batting. This photo was taken before rinsing and blocking.

I haven't yet decided whether or not to cut the blocks apart as I had originally planned. The more I look at the quilt, the more I tend to leave it as is but add a bit more quilting to the spaces between the blocks. Right now there is just a line of basting separating the blocks.

The machine is loaded with a mystery quilt done through "Learning Fiber Arts". I'm just getting a good start on that quilt. It will have lots of feathers when finished.


I just love her designs but have yet to use them. Congrads on taking that step! They look beautiful - please post again when the blue lines are gone so we can see your masterpiece.

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