Beach Combing

DH found a fairly intact Sanddollar yesterday. We had been finding bits and pieces of them all week, but this is the first time we've found one that was this intact. We've found a few larger cockle shells and a few spiral shells as well.

With the sun shining and the blue skies, the water just sparkled yesterday. It looks the same today. The sand is building up on part of the beach creating a sandbar and giving us more beach to play on. DD#2 and I spend several hours each morning swimming and building sand castles while DH walks up and down the beach searching for shells. We have quite a collection sitting on the deck of the beach house. We go back out in the late afternoon for more of the same preferring to stay inside during the hottest part of the day. It feels like July here right now getting up to the 90's.

Yesterday during the hottest part of the day we drove to Skinners Seafood and bought 5 pounds of shrimp! Yum! I cooked half of them last night and put the rest on ice for dinner tonight. We also stopped by The Sand Box and spent a bit of money there. I found a couple of cute plaques to put on the wall of the main bathroom - the one I painted a seascape on a year or so ago.

So far today we've spent our morning on the beach and an hour shopping in town. We stopped at the Ship 'n Shore and The Ancient Mariner looking at the items for sale in these shops. I picked up a few more plaques for the bathroom.


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