Coloring on Fabric

Last week I bought 2 sets of fabric markers and finally got around to trying them out yesterday. I pulled out a Dover copyright-free coloring book and traced the pages onto a piece of white muslin with the black marker. 

These are "FabricMate" markers and they work well putting down the color without bleeding. They dry fast which is good to prevent smearing.

This flower was done primarily with the FabricMate markers. It gives a different look than what I was looking for, but I still like it. It's a bit more of an animated look. I added a bit of "Pentel Fabric Dye Sticks" for the yellow and some of the green. I bought these a year or so ago but haven't used them much.

I reverted back to Prismacolor colored pencils for the most part. The Morning Glory and the Hibiscus both have marker for the dark blue and dark red, then are blended with colored pencil. I liked that look. The other flowers are all colored pencil - Prismacolor, Crayola, and RoseArt pencils.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this piece, but it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Millie said…
Wow, you did such a good job on the we have to wait to see what you are going to make with these colored pictures. Have a great quilting week!
Barb said…
You did do a good job.....
TracyC said…
Are these or can you make them colour fast? Fabric markers that don't bleed is fantastic--I'm off to see if I can get them here.
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Millie and Barb.
Tracy the box says: "Heat set is recommended but not required. Permanent after drying 24 hours." So they should be color fast after 24 hours. These markers are a pigmented dye.
I've been studying about coloring on fabric and have yet to really find time to play like you did (I'm a tad jealous but in a good sort of way). I did pick up a book at Festival by Helen Stubbings (Faux Applique) where she recommends painting a coat of textile medium over the colored pencils to make them permanent. You might consider that tip before you decide to put them into a quilt. You did good girlfriend!
Carol said…
The flowers look great. I think I have a flower coloring book I can try out.
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Karen. I forgot to mention that I use CeramCoat textile medium mixed with a bit of Versatex fixative on my colored pencil projects to keep them from washing out. It's something I learned from Irena Bluhm.

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