Blue Skys!

We woke up to fog yesterday, but once it cleared the skies were blue, the wind mild, and the sea much calmer than the past 2 days.

 We didn't get into the water at all on Monday. It stormed off and on until late afternoon. I got out the watercolors and the girls and I painted. Once the storms passed, we got out and did some beach combing. We are finding a bit more variety in shells after the storm.

Yesterday morning, we toured Fort Gaines. We visit this fort everytime we vacation here on Dauphin Island. It's one of DH's favorite places to visit being a history buff.

After visiting the Fort, the girls and I sat under a pavillion at the shore and watched the ferry come in from Fort Morgan.

It is sunny again today and the sea is calm. I'm not sure what we'll do today. For the moment, I need to get breakfast fixed.


Barb said…
I loved all your pictures and post, just trying to catch up from being out of the blogging scene for a while. The picrues are wonderful...glad you all are having a good time.
Janet Hartje said…
Love your photos! I can only dream. It's getting colder every day here and we may have snow this weekend. Your photos bring warmth to my day. Thanks for sharing. Janet

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