Today I'm working on the cat applique quilt. I found this piece of Indonesian Batik and auditioned it with the appliques. This one isn't working for me either. It's too flat - not enough depth in the fabric for what I'm looking for.

This is the other piece of batik that I was leaning towards. The problem with it is that some of the appliques tend to blend into the background depending on what color they land on.

I'm going to continue working on the appliques this afternoon, adding leaves and stems and perhaps adding more flowers in different colors. I'll keep looking for background fabrics until I find something that works for me.


Susan J Barker said…
I really like your appliques and you are right, the background just is not quite right -- ever considered painting your own? It may be just the right challenge for this project... I will be back to watch how you progress..
Barb said…
Once you get the right background, that is going to be one beautiful quilt!!
Susan Loftin said…
Susan - I pulled out a piece of hand-painted fabric I had made a few months ago, but it wasn't right either. I need to try painting another piece - when either the weather cooperates, or we get done remodeling my studio. In the meantime, I'm using the multi-colored piece and creating new flowers with a deeper color. I'll post photos later today or tomorrow. It is looking better, though.

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