Decor Bond

In response to Vivian's question about Decor Bond, I thought I would post a bit about my experience with it. Decor Bond is made by Pellon and is a crisp, fusible interfacing. You can find it with the other fusible interfacings at fabric stores. I buy mine at JoAnn's. Since it is stiffer than most interfacings, it holds up well on the longarm machine.

I've tried other fusible interfacings as stabilizers for thread painting, but always had issues with the fabric puckering. I don't have that problem with Decor Bond. It may be because I tend to thread paint fairly heavily.

When I have the quilt top finished to the point that it's ready for thread painting (before quilting), I cut a piece of Decor Bond the size of the quilt and iron it to the back of the top. Then I load the top onto the longarm machine and do my thread painting. Once I'm done thread painting, I un-pin the top from the take-up leader only, leaving the top pinned to the "top fabric" leader. Then I load the backing fabric and batting, and quilt as usual. I don't thread paint through the entire quilt sandwich as it will make some areas more heavily quilted than others, causing difficulties trying to get the quilt to lay or hang flat and square. Such as "Blue Tigers"; I will thread paint the flowers and the cat. The quilting in the background won't be as heavy as the thread painting. I will add quilting to the cat and the flowers equal to the amount of quilting I will do in the background.


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