In working on this wholecloth quilt, I did a couple of comparison quilting samples with different types of batting before deciding on which combination to use. I want a trapunto look, but since I can't get this quilt wet due to the type of fabric as well as the beading, lace and sequins already on the quilt, I'm going for faux trapunto.
The photo above shows feathers quilted with 3 different combinations of batting. These were quickly quilted freehand with McTavishing background filler. The top fabric is bridal satin with a silk backing fabric. I've used Sew Fine 50wt. thread in the top and bobbin.
I had my DH and oldest DD give me their votes. I'll reveal my decision and the batting combination I've chosen in a future post.
Which do you like best?


Ginny said…
I think the middle feather looks nicest, seems to be fuller, the others you can see dips in the feathers. So I vote for the middle batting. I can't wait to see the final quilt, it sounds wonderful.
Candi said…
yes, I agree, the middle one looks the best. Will watch and see which you go with.
Merry Christmas

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