Golden Paper

Christine asked me what Golden Paper was that I had mentioned in a previous post. The correct name is Golden Threads Quilting Paper. It's made by Golden Threads. You can purchase it from their website here or from other quilting suppliers like Kingsmen. It comes in 3 different widths. You use it by tracing your design onto the Golden Threads Quilting Paper with a water soluble marker. You can then place your design on your quilt top and pin it in place and quilt through the paper onto your quilt top. Or you can punch it by stitching through the paper on your design with your sewing machine (unthreaded) to make a stencil. You then use a chalk pounce pad to mark your design onto your quilt top.

The paper comes with instructions on how to use it. I've used both methods and they both work well. With the whole cloth that I'm working on now, I'll use the method where I quilt through the paper directly onto the quilt. I pin it in place and quilt just as if I've marked directly onto the quilt with a water soluble pen. After quilting, I tear the paper away.


Julia said…
Thank you Susan, for this tip,
marking the quilt lines is the worst for me, this sounds so easy..

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