Preparing for Winter

Preparing for winter in our new home in central Missouri is completely different from when we lived in the country. We used to cut and stack wood for supplemental heating - something necessary when you live in an area where electricity is unreliable in summertime much less in winter. We lived near the Arkansas border and ice storms were usually more common than snowstorms. Ice storms mean ice-laden limbs that fall out of trees and knock down power lines. Which in turn can equal days on end without electricity or heat or water for that matter. We had well water so when you don't have electricity, the well pump doesn't work.

We have been snowed in for as long as a week with snow storms that dump 8-12 inches of snow on our 1/4 mile long hilly driveway. There was only one way in and out of the property and if you tried to drive down the driveway and slipped off, you would end up in the pond! Not a great prospect and not worth risking. We kept the freezer stocked as well as the pantry for such occasions. So, preparing for winter took some fore-thought.

Now that we live "in town", we no longer have a wood burning stove or a wood burning fireplace. Our fireplace is gas which came in handy last winter during an ice storm that knocked out our electricity for 8 hours. We snuggled up to the fireplace to stay warm. At least we had running water. Here all we have to do is make sure we have enough milk in the house to last about 24 hours. By then, the snow plows had come through and we were able to get out and make a milk run if we needed to.

My basement quilting studio is still working with 2 unfinished outside walls, but to help insulate the insulation, I hung up some of my quilts. This is my preparation for quilting in the basement during cold weather - that and a small electric heater for when it gets really cold. The basement is heated, though, so the heater isn't used often.
Above is the wall with my ironing station and DSM. The large quilt to the left is "Calcutta Eyes" - a painted quilt made from a photograph of my DD when she was 4 y/o. It includes trapunto and machine applique as well. Then there is "Lily", and original design that I made from a doodle - also machine appliqued. The other quilts are some of my landscapes. I have them all tacked up over my design wall right now. Since putting up my table for my DSM against the design wall I find it hard to use. I have to stand on a step ladder and lean over the table to use the wall. I'll have to come up with another option for a design wall - but I have other things to do for now.

We are expecting snow this afternoon, but right now it's raining. I have errands to run before the weather gets icy and snowy.

This photo is our little Christmas tree with some of my hand crocheted snowflakes. The lights were doing strange things to my camera, so I turned them off to take photos.
Once I get back from running errands, it's back to designing feather patterns for a whole cloth quilt! This is a fabulous customer quilt that I am excited about. More on that later.


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