Wholecloth Quilts

This photo is of a wholecloth quilt that I made for an auction to raise funds for the Missouri Baptist Children's home back in 2004 or 2005. I can't seem to remember which year. It's white cotton with cut-away trapunto. I used Warm and White as a main batting and 6.6oz poly batting for the trapunto batt. The background fillers are micro-stippling, McTavishing and rays. I thought I would post a few photos of the quilt since my mind has been pre-occupied with wholecloth quilting designs the past week. The quilting designs in this quilt are from Anita Shackleford's Infinite Feathers Quilting Designs book as well as from Pepper Cory and Karen McTavish. Of course there are some timeless ropes in there, too.

The wholecloth I'm working on now is a satin wedding gown redesigned into a quilt top. It's absolutely gorgeous with the ivory satin, lace, pearls and sequins. I'm very excited and honored to be working on this quilt.
This week has been spent pouring over every feather design I have in my possession as well as photos of wholecloth quilts on the web - especially webshots. I've also been studying Art Nouveau designs in a Dover coloring book because I love the grace and flow of these designs and think they make a great starting place for feather patterns.

Today I made a paper pattern of the quilt. This pattern will be used to draft the feathers so I will have a plan to work from as the quilt unwinds from the rollers of the quilting machine. I will not be marking directly on the quilt top, therefore I need the paper pattern. Quilting will be freehand or with use of Golden Quilting Paper.

Tomorrow I'll play with the layout on the paper pattern and do a couple of test samples on similar fabrics with various threads and battings to see which give the best affect. Then on to the actual quilting!


Pepper Cory said…
Hi Susan,
The white wholecloth quilt is beautiful. I'm complimented that you'd use my designs. Keep up the wonderful work!
Pepper Cory
I can't wait to see what you do with the wedding dress quilt. I want to make something out of my old satin and lace dress. I like those Dover books, too. Some of them are on CD's so the designs are already digitized for you.
Anonymous said…
Fantasitc, can you please tell me what Golden quilting paper is?


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