Tools of the Trade

I spent the majority of yesterday working on designs for the satin wedding gown quilt. I have so many ideas running through my head on what designs to use on this quilt that I haven't come to a conclusion at this point.
This photo shows some of the tools I've been using to design quilting patterns. I drew that feathered heart design so many times that I can't remember how many times I erased and redrafted it. The feathered heart itself came together quickly since it's a pattern I quilt freehand quite often - it was the layout that I couldn't decide on. At this point it is drafted to set on-point with a slightly curved outline surrounding the hearts and then a feathered filigree design I drafted earlier in the same day.

I also drafted 2 more blocks of the filigree feather in 2 different sizes as another possible design for the quilt.
Most of the tools I use are familiar to quilters: paper - tracing, printer paper, and large sheets of plain paper: pencil, black sharpie, 24" ruler, square ruler, and scissors for paper cutting. The only thing that may be unfamiliar to many quilters is the set of French curves. I bought a set of 8 French curves a year or so ago and love using them to get clean curves when I'm drafting quilting designs - especially my filigree designs.
I never did get around to testing designs on my Gammill, and today I needed to catch up on some housework that I neglected yesterday, but hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow afternoon.


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Anonymous said…
That is going to be a beautiful wedding dress!

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