Arabasque Continued

The outer border is straight-line stitched 1/2 inches apart. I'll go back and quilt inbetween these lines later on after more of the center of the quilt is quilted. The lines will then be a 1/4 inch apart. I quilted just enough to prevent puckering of the borders as well as the center of the quilt. The more you quilt the more the quilt pulls in. You can see some pleating/wrinkles underneath the McTavishing section as well as below the piano key border. This is normal, but it isn't enough pleating that it will cause problems.

Here is some of the McTavishing.

My week of quilting on this wholecloth looks like it's going to turn into 2 weeks. Several things have cropped up that have cut into my quilting time - like freezing cold weather! Since my studio isn't finished, it gets really cold when the temps drop below 40. We've had temps in the teens for a couple of days this week until Wednesday when it was in the 70's :D

Thursday the girls and I went on a nature hike at Runge Nature Center to see if we could see any wildlife stirring about. All we saw were birds and a few butterflies. Youngest DD was hoping to see frogs. We heard the tree frogs peepping, but didn't see the large bullfrogs that she was hoping to see.

The water is low in the creek now. Hopefully we'll get plenty of spring rain to fill it up more.


Millie said…
Your whole cloth quilt is getting prettier every time you showing pictures. The Mctavishing quilting is beutiful. I realy do not see any fullness like you said.

Lovely creek picture. So calm and relaxing.

Have fun finishing the whole cloth quilt. I can see you are going to win a lot of ribbons with that quilt.

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