This is my wholecloth quilt that I've titled "Arabasque". The designs were taken from a Dover copyright free book of Victorian Designs. I chose 3 designs and they were all labeled "arabasque" - hence the name of my quilt. The photo above is the center top of the quilt. I just starting to quilt around the cutaway trapunto. The stitching you see is the water soluble thread. I used Vanish Extra.
The photo above is the inner corner design after quilting part of it.

This is the outer corner design after quilting. I am using So Fine thread in the top and bobbin in color number 401 - white. I'll include some micro stippling (very little), McTavishing, and piano key quilting. I still need to chose one more background filler, but that will come to me as I work on the quilt.
I'm really enjoying quilting on this quilt. It isn't very large so it shouldn't take more than a week to complete even with the heirloom background filler.
Come back and see more photos of my progress later this week.


Janet Hartje said…
Susan , this is beautiful! What a great idea to use the dover designs. Janet Hartje
Jennifer said…
I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out, the designs are beautiful. I am curious about one thing- I've never actually seen a long arm quilt machine much less seen one in action! Are you in control of the machine? Is it difficult to use (in the pictures I've seen it is HUGE)? All I know is I want to play with one!!
Millie said…
Susan, I love the designs you picked. Can not wait to see more of your quilting. Have fun working on the whole cloth quilt.

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