More Wholecloth

I found some time the past 2 days to work on my wholecloth. I have the McTavishing done in the larger sections of the quilt as show in this photo.

Here is another view showing the McTavishing. I used a micro-stipple in the narrow area between the corded border and the scroll motifs in the outer border.
This photo shows the McTavishing I started as I move more towards the center of the quilt. I micro-stippled in the loop areas. You can probably see where I wrote the word "micro" in the areas so I wouldn't get confused and quilt those areas with McTavishing.

I still have lots of hours to go with quilting, but I'm happy to see that I'm making some progress. I hope to have it done, blocked and bound by Monday so I can photograph it and send in the entry forms for Machine Quilters Showcase. The Showcase is May 11th-16th and I have signed up for several classes this year. I'm really looking forward to attending. I'm not expecting my quilt to place, but it's still fun to see it hanging in the show.


Gina said…
Love how the wholecloth is coming along. Good luck for the show. I've never had the courage to enter one, even though my hubby nags me do so.

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Vicki said…
love the wholecloth. but more power to you. I dont think I have the stamina for it.

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