Painted Quilts

The quilt above is one of several painted quilts I completed a few years ago. I painted the background and let it dry, then painted the flowers and leaves using a "one-stroke" technique. After the pieces dried, I squared them up and added the borders. The paints are acrylic craft paints mixed with textile medium. I've got the urge to do more painting on fabric, but this time using Setacolor paints and painting fabric for my landscape quilts. I have to get the paints as well as complete some other projects first. "Flight at Sunrise" is my first priority in my own list of quilts to complete at this point. Now that I have some hand-dyed fabrics to use for borders, I just need to set aside the time to work on it.

The wholecloth quilt "Arabesque" is entered into IMQA's Machine Quilter's Showcase. I decided to hold off on entering "Lily" for now. I think I'll enter it in the Missouri State Fair first, and then decide whether or not to enter it in an international competition.

I'm working on customer quilts once again and have several waiting in line for quilting. I spent a little time this weekend quilting, but more time working on fine-tuning my tension after noticing less than acceptable tension on the back of a quilt. Luckily I didn't have much quilting done before I checked the back and saw the problem. I ended up reseting my check-spring in the tension disc. Now we're back in business.


Janet Hartje said…
Your painted flowers look very real. Beautiful work.
Janet Hartje
Millie said…
Your quilts are defnitely worthy of putting in a quilt show. Good luck with your quilt show quilt.

Love the painted quilts. I have a few painted pictures on fabric, but has never done anything to it. I hope the tension spring will not giving you anymore problems.
Chantelle said…
Oh wow. The flower painted quilt is GORGEOUS!!!

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