Bird Quilt

Here is the pattern and the fabric choices that I'm using in the bird quilt. The pattern is difficult to imagine how this quilt will turn out since I haven't colored in the blocks. I started this design on another piece of graph paper and have that one colored in, but I realized that it would be a bit difficult to piece, so I redrafted the pattern and in the process, I left out the color.
The fabrics that are labeled with numbers are the background fabrics. The other fabrics are going to be used for the birds.

Right now, Paul and I are competing for table space so I relented and gave the table over to him since he needs it to do business work on in the evening. I haven't had time during the day to do much with the quilt anyway.

Laundry has piled up on me again and the entire house needs cleaned so those chores are priority today - after I get done blogging :D Then I'll get down to the basement and finish Betty's Boondoggle quilt. I should only have about 1-2 hours left on it.



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