Quilt Show Update

The KAL quilt show was a big hit! So many quilters this year. It's getting to be a big event in the area.

I took a couple of photos, but the room is so large that my flash just dissipated and the pictures didn't come out :( But I took photos of Ginny's quilt before I left home. She got a nice round of applause when she showed her quilt. I have detail photos of this quilt on my webshots page. http://community.webshots.com/user/loftinlane

Lorraine showed her series of 30's quilts and got lots of laughter at her presentation :) She is definately the right person to MC this show!

The Kimberling Area Library had a quilt top donated to them to raffle off to raise money for the library. The quilt is red-work snowmen and was made by ladies of the Coveside Quilters. They asked me to quilt it for them! I have quilted 2 tops for them in the past and it's an honor to be asked to do it again. I'm going to get started on it this week.

Joe also brought me 7 quilt tops to complete for him. 5 are for the open house he is having in September, one is for his wife, and another for his great-granddaughter.

I bought some 10" fabric squares and a 2yard piece of fabric from the vendor at the show. I'm going to have to plan a quilt to use them :D


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