Quilts and Fish

Here are a couple of photos of the quilt I finished for the Kimberling Area Library raffle. It's a redwork quilt with snowmen and snowwomen :D Paul took it down with him yesterday and delivered it. The library will sell raffle tickets on it to raise money for the library.

While Paul was in the Springfield area he was also able to stop by A-1 Quilting Machines and buy me a roll of polyester batting so I can get started on Joe's quilts for his open house in September.

I've also been busy painting a coral reef mural in Mot's bathroom. We painted the walls blue a couple of weeks ago, taking down the fish wallpaper border. Mot was sad that she no longer had her fish, so I promised to paint more on the walls for her. I was thinking of a stenciled border but somehow it turned out to be a wall mural. It's coming along slowly but surely. Luckily I had some Dover coloring books on the coral reef that I was able to use them since they are copywrite free.

It's hard to get the entire wall in one photo since the bathroom is so small. The turtles are above the toilet tank :D The rest of the reef is on the opposite wall.
I still have lots more to do before it's finished.


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