Catching Up on Rest

Paul had a kidney stone attack Saturday evening and we spent 3-4 hours in the emergency room at Skaggs Hospital in Branson. He was in sooooo much pain! I've been told that pain from a kidney stone is worse than child birth, but I wouldn't know - I've never experienced either one. I had my kids the hard way - adoption! Physical pain may not have been a part of that experience but emotional pain certainly was! Adoption labor can last YEARS! Ask me how it know.

At least Paul passed the stone this morning and can go back to work tomorrow, but he is really worn out. I think the trauma of the pain has wiped him out. Even with the pain I experienced with appendicitis I don't think it was near what he had to endure.

This afternoon while Paul was napping, the girls and I did some shopping. Hannah wanted a new book to read so we stopped by Barnes & Noble so she could spend her allowance. We went next to Lowes so I could see what they had in the line of remodeling our kitchen. I think we've decided to only install an island and a pantry. I wanted a peninsula but it will block part of the door. Ideally it would be best to gut the room and start over, but we don't have the money for that.

The salesman at Lowes was really helpful and talked to me a bit about current designs. I'm going to have to finish the layout of the kitchen as it currently is and take it in to Lowes and have a designer help me pick out the cabinets and counter materials for the island.

We also looked at tile for a backsplash. I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to design something first, then pick out the tiles for it and see what we can fit into our budget. Paint color is another project - I'm thinking about a golden yellow. It will lighten the room and contrast with the green in the stairwell that leads to the basement. It will also complement the light brown of the hallway. All 3 of these areas come together in one area.

The biggest project will be to refinish the existing cabinets. They are oak and are 18 years old. Over the years, the color has darkened. It isn't bad, but it blends in with the hardwood floor. So I have brown hardwood, brown cabinets and brown walls along with a beige countertop. I plan to sand down the cabinets and paint them to make them lighter. I'm going to see if I can tint a glaze so that the wood grain comes through. Lowes can help me with that, too.

This afternoon, I took down the wallpaper border in the main bathroom. There wasn't much of it and it was coming loose anyway. Mot was sad that I was taking off "her fish" border, but she decided to help me after I told her we were going to repaint the room and let her pick out the color. She chose blue for water for more fish :) I have a can of blue paint left over from our RS house and I can stencil fish on the wall for her. I think I'll refinish the vanity in that bathroom, too, and install vinyl tiles over the existing sheet vinyl. It's pretty old - probably the original flooring and it's stained. I forgot to look at vinyl tiles while I was at Lowes today, though.

The master bathroom also needs new paint and the wallpaper border removed. That border will be a bit more difficult to remove because it's right at the ceiling line. The border in the main bathroom was at chair-rail heighth. The master bedroom will be a sage green instead of the "screaming yellow" it is now ;) One thing I can say for the yellow is that it really wakes you up in the morning - ha!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and laundry then we'll paint the bathroom. I have lots of projects planned to keep Hannah from being bored while she's on spring break :D



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