Today is rainy. We're getting the remanents from Hurricane Dolly up here in central Missouri. At least it isn't storming so I feel o.k about sewing and quilting.

I'm currently working on binding Joe's quilts. I finished one completely, sewed the binding to the front of one and pieced the binding of a 3rd. Why do I do things half-way on 3 different projects instead of finishing one at a time? Because my sewing machine isn't in my studio and I have to keep running up and down stairs to complete anything from beginning to end :(

I cut the binding downstairs, then run upstairs to piece it. Then it's downstairs to press it and glue baste it to the quilt. Then it's upstairs to stitch it to the quilt front. Then downstairs to turn it to the back of the quilt and glue baste it to the back. Then upstairs to sit on the couch to hand stitch the binding to the back.

So, I'm trying to find a way to do as much work in the basement as I can at a time, then go upstairs to do the machine work. I still haven't figured it all out so that I'm not running stairs all day long, but I have cut out a few trips this way.

That is one of the reasons I'm so anxious to get my quilting studio done. I need to be able to work down there on an entire project without running stairs. All that is missing down there is my sewing machine (well, walls would be nice, too - ha!) but right now I don't have anywhere to fit it. Making the wall of cabinets with a fold-up ironing board would be a great solution. It's getting the walls done first and the cabinets ordered, and finding the money to do it all that is the problem.

Stay tuned!



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