Website Update and More Landscapes

I've added a few more patterns for sale on my website. They are all landscape quilts using my glue basting/freezer paper template method.

My 12 year old daughter designed a landscape pattern yesterday afternoon, picked out the fabrics, and constructed her quilt using the freezer paper and glue basting method. I hand appliqued the pieces for her as she doesn't know how to do that yet. The quilt is on the quilting machine along with several of my own small landscape quilts waiting to be quilted. I'm going to try to get her to quilt her landscape today. She's a bit nervous about quilting it although she's used my longarm since she was 7 years old! I think this being her first landscape quilt she is a bit intimidated.
This is my daughter's quilts. Isn't it pretty!

I also got her to draft another landscape pattern. I'll try to get that one constructed in a few days. She is really good at drawing - in my humble opinion - so I'm going to try to get her to draft more landscapes for me. She comes up with the neatest ideas! I'm so proud of her!
This photo shows 9 landscape quilts basted on my quilting machine at the moment. 3 of these are created from patterns from Valerie Hearder's "Points of View" book - the one in the upper right hand corner and the 2 on the right in the last row. The upper left-hand corner quilt is my daughter's and the rest are my own creations. These are my earliest landscape quilts.



Susan said…
Wonderful landscapes! I love seeing the way you put them together to quilt them on the machine.
Unknown said…
Welcome! Your landscapes, and your daughter's, are beautiful! Loved browsing through your blog.

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