Studio Design

I'm working on redesigning my quilting studio. I need some more storage for fabric as well as customer quilts. I could also use a space to put my domestic sewing machine and a better pressing surface.

I've been playing with graph paper and studying kitchen cabinetry that is available commercially. They make a kitchen cabinet that has a fold-up ironing board in it. I'm going to see if I can see one on display to determine if it will work for me.

My plan is to use the wall where my "design board" is now to put a line of base cabinets. I'll use a section of it for my domestic machine so I have to find a sewing cabinet that will fit there. I don't like to face the wall when I'm sewing, but so far I haven't figured out any other location for the DSM.

Good thing I'm still in the paper phase of this project. There still needs to be insulation installed as well as drywall. I hope to get started on that phase soon, though. I am soooooo tired of working in the dungeon-like atmosphere of my unfinished basement. It's getting so depressing that I find myself avoiding quilting. :(



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