Snow Capped Mountains

I put the Snow Capped Mountains quilt on the machine this weekend. I decided against the Aspen trees and decided to go for Aspen leaves sprinkled in the upper left- and lower right-hand corners of the outer border. I studied pictures of Aspen leaves from photos and made patterns of 6 different leaves, then transferred them to fusible web and fused the web to 6 different yellow and orange fabrics.

Once I started quilting on the top, my machine decided to act up. When I would stop quilting, pull up the bobbin thread and push the machine back to cut the thread, the needle would come down into the quilt while I was moving the machine-ack! I tore 2 holes in the top because of that. So I shut off the machine and decided to wait a day to tackle the problem.

This afternoon, I started quilting again and still had the same problem - although I was watching for the needled to come down unwanted and was able to avoid tearing the quilt. By the way, I was able to repair the 2 tears. So I adjusted the "min pot" in the back of the machine and tested it, but that didn't solve the problem.

So I started following the thread path. Sometimes if I have the machine threaded where I've missed a thread guide I'll have this problem. The thread did miss one of the thread guides so I rethreaded and in the process I realized that the check spring wasn't in the correct position. It sould be at the 10:30 position and it was at the 9:00 position. So I repositioned the check spring, tightened it to the proper tension and now the problem is solved :) I'm happy it wasn't anything more serious.

I quilted the veins in the Aspen leaves and did McTavishing quilting in the outer border. I'm leaving the rest for tomorrow. I have the sky, mountain and foothills to quilt, then it's ready for binding. I'm using Hobbs 80/20 batting and a white muslin backing. I usually use a decorative fabric for the backing, but I didn't have a large enough piece on hand (my fat quarter stash has taken over my yardage) and wasn't in a position where I could leave the house and purchase yardage. This quilt won't be in a competition anyway, so the muslin will work fine.

My goal is to finish the quilt early in the week and get it posted to my landscape groups digest. This is the challenge quilt for Valerie Hearder's landscape group.



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