It has been raining since midnight last night - off and on. As soon as one storm finishes, another one starts up. We've had thunder, lightening, wind and heavy rain. My plans to go grocery shopping have been put on hold until after all the storms. It's almost 4 pm and the clouds are starting to break up. One good thing about all the storms, it certainly has cooled things off. It had been in the middle 90's and today it's down in the upper 70's to low 80's. I even opened the windows and turned off the a/c!

I spent the day cleaning house and working on a quilt binding in between the storms. I also completed a couple of melons for a double wedding ring quilt and hand stitched the binding on one of my small landscape quilts - see above.
These quilts are some I finished binding last week. They are all small wall quilts from 8x10 and up to 11x14.


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