I have been interested in landscape quilts for a very long time, but just recently got into creating them. Over the years, I have photographed landscapes and nature with the thought in mind "That would make a great quilt!" My digital camera goes along with me on all kinds of adventures - to the zoo, the park, the river, and like today, to the nature center. Here is a photo of Black-eyed Susan's that I took. They are growing all over the nature center. This particular group was near the edge of a pond.

Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to explore the area we live in and make it educational for our daughters. This fall we are exploring rivers and ponds and butterflies. The first few weeks of school is rivers and ponds. My youngest daughter and I made a very quick field trip to the nature center last week just before the rain hit. We made it to 2 ponds and on the way back - trying to get to shelter before we got drenched -
we spotted a doe and a fawn in our path.

Would these photos make great quilts? They will be great additions to our "Rivers and Ponds" lapbook project anyway.

Today the weather has turned cooler with less humidity, so it was a great day to finish our field trip to the nature center. No wildlife was spotted this time except for the occasional minnow and crawfish in the streams, and the bluejays in the trees. But we did get to a few more ponds and I got some great photos there.

This is a close up of some of the plants in one of the ponds. I love the shape of the leaves and how the sunlight shines through them.
This is a photo of a stream that flows through the nature center.
I don't know if I'll ever get any quilts made from these inspiring photos, but they will remain on my computer as future quilt possibilites.


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