Quilt Hangers

I've been playing around with finding a way to easily hang my small landscape quilts - with one nail in the wall. I finally came up with this hanger.

It's made from a wood dowel with wooden beads on the ends. The strap is braided hemp in 2 colors. There are several sitting on my kitchen table waiting for the straps to be braided and attached.

Once I started sorting through my landscape quilts, I realized I had 20 quilts needing some kind of hanger. I spent 2 days making and attaching the hanging sleeves and experimenting with the hangers.

I'm also looking into making some polymer clay beads and glass beads to cap the ends of the dowels and attaching some beads to the ends of the hemp strands. There are a lot of ideas floating around in my head for these hangers, so stay tuned to see what develops next!



Anonymous said…
Looks like a winner. What if you made some polymer bead to go over the nail head, too?
Susan Loftin said…
I love your idea of polymer butons for the nail head! I'll have to work on that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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