A Day at the Beach

My family has a favorite beach destination - Dauphin Island, Alabama. It is a small island, but we love the ability to rent a private home and spend all week on the beach. Dauphin Island has been hit with all the Gulf hurricanes the past few years, so there aren't as many beach houses as there were when we first started vacationing there back in 1997, but they are rebuilding.

These photos were taken 10 years later in 2007. The seagulls were a favorite of the kids. We would spend hours watching them and trying to get the perfect photo.
Sand crabs were also a favorite of the kids. Dusk was the best time to find them.

The water was really shallow for quite aways out that year.

Watching the shrimp boats coast along is always fun. If we watched closely enough, we could see dolphins following behind the boats.

We are planning a beach vacation later this year. We're looking forward to unwinding at the beach and checking out the wildlife. Instead of putting away the swim suits and beach toys, we're getting them out and taking inventory to see if we need to make any purchases before they are no longer available in the stores.


I would dearly love to go to a beach house for a week, even a few days. We once rented a small house on a small island in Florida panhandle when the boys were little. I know hurricanes have really hurt the gulf coast in the past years...I don't need a big house, and seems like that's what is being re-built. If you notice any small ones that would be just right for a little ole couple send me info!! Have a great time! Fall is the best time to go anyway - not too hot and not too crowded!

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