Rocky Shore

I tried to capture a shoreline with large rocks scattered at the water's edge.

This one is also hand appliqued and machine quilted.


You are very productive. Lot's of interesting landscapes. I always love water in the mix, but they are all beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Janet. I'm not as productive as it looks, though. I appliqued these little quilts over the past year and waited until I had several to quilt at the same time. I pin them all on a piece of backing fabric and batting on my longarm machine and quilt them all at once. So it looks like I'm doing several quilts a week right now, but in actuality it took about a year!
TracyC said…
How do you hand applique? You turn the edge over and hand sew with...ohhh...what are those things called...invisible stitches? That is a lot of work in and of itself.
Susan Loftin said…
Tracy - Yes, hand applique is an invisible stitch, and it does take a time to do. It can be relaxing, though.

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