Thread Painting on a Longarm Quilting Machine

Thread painting is a technique that I am not comfortable with yet. I'm still in the learning - beginner - stages. The photos below are of the Southwest Landscape that I am making through Shirley's Learning Fiber Arts group.

I started thread painting on my domestic sewing machine, but had difficulty moving the fabric due in part to the Decor Bond that I fused to the back of the piece as well as being too used to moving the machine instead of the fabric - that due to my longarm background. So I loaded the piece onto my Gammill and started in on the thread painting. Now I'm in my comfort zone.

All the thread painting and couched yarn is done on the longarm machine.
I still have more thread painting to do, as well as adding some appliques to the borders.

A customer quilt is currently on the machine and there are several more in line to be quilted, so for the moment, this quilt is on-hold, folded up on my cutting table waiting for a free day to be embellished some more.
By the way - I love the Decor Bond as a stabilizer on the back of this quilt. It works so well with my longarm machine. Absolutely no puckering.


Chris said…
It looks wonderful, Susan. I wish I had a long arm machine.

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