Vermillion Cliffs II

This is another quilt I made from a photo of the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona. This photo was taken at a slightly different angle due to the fact that we were speeding down the highway in order to get to the north rim of the Grand Canyon before dark! DH didn't want to stop for a photo op, so I took the photos through the car window. It was a long, hot drive from Williams, AZ to the north rim, but there sure was lots of beautiful scenery along the way.


Shirley said…
Susan - thirteen beautiful postcards arrived from you today. I want to thank you so much. I have delivered 50 and with the cards I received today I have another 50 cards for Carma house. You are such a busy lady and I appreciate very much you taking time out of your busy life to make me these lovely pc's in Rob's name. Things are not getting better but we really couldn't expect that they would. He starts radiation tomorrow so hopefully that will reduce the main tumor and therefore reduce the pain a bit.

The one bright light are the wonderful cards I am receiving from my friends all over the world. I will never ever forget you all.

Shirley from Learningfa

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