The Next Generation & Scheduling Update

My oldest DD has been interested in my quilting machine from day one. She doesn't get to quilt on it much because I always have a customer quilt or one of my own quilts on the frame.

This is a small landscape quilt she made a year ago or more. She chose all the fabrics after drawing her design on paper. I showed her how to make freezer paper templates and how to put the quilt together using a glue-basting technique. I hand appliqued it for her and she machine quilted it.
She has shown some interest in joining me in business lately. I'll have to give her more time to practice as well as upgrade to a stitch-regulated or computerized machine if she continues to show serious interest. Right now she's so young - and a teenager - that she could change her mind several times before she decides what she wants to do with her life.

Scheduling Update

I'm looking ahead on my quilting schedule. With Christmas coming up and our guild's quilt show just around the corner, I'm taking reservations for time slots. I'm not the kind of quilter who can crank out a custom quilt on a daily basis. Depending on the amount of quilting, a custom quilt takes me a week or 2 to complete. Homeschooling takes up a good chunk of my quilting time. Right now I'm scheduling a week for each custom quilt and a day for each panto. Heirloom quilts are 4-6 weeks!

Right now I'm booked through the middle of October, so any of you who are customers and want to reserve a slot, give me a call. As the season goes forward I may have to revise my schedule to allow more time for each quilt, but for now, I think this is realistic.


Your daughter's landscape is very pretty. She made great color choices. How fun that you two can share this interest.
Barb said…
You have a very talented daughter, that quilt she made is so beautiful. i also read your water color post have one talented family.

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