Log Cabin

Time for more quilt photos.

This is a Log Cabin quilt made by my sister's FIL. He is a budget quilter and uses whatever fabric he can find that is the color he wants, so his quilts can have anything from cotton to upholstery fabric, to double knit polyester all in the same quilt. One quilt top of his that I quilted had over 10 different fabrics in it! That can make quilting a challenge, but they all turn out looking great in the end.

This quilt had a dark green, double-knit backing fabric. I wish I had taken a photo of the back after it was quilting because it was gorgeous! I quilted it with feathers in the blocks and border with circles in the sashing. The batting is a 6.6oz. poly, and the thread is Signature 100% cotton.


Barb said…
You do amazing work. I have a sister that uses fabrics in her quits that I would never dream of using but like your FIL, they turn out wonderful.
It's gorgeous. I'm taking a class to learn how to make feathers now. This beginning long-arm quilter is admiring your work.
Susan Loftin said…
Thank you, Janet. Enjoy your class on feathers.

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