Designing by Computer

There is a lot to be said for computer design work. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in the process. I have an older version of QuiltPro that I can design blocks and quilts from, but rarely have time to use it, nor do I make tradition quilts very often. Most of my personal quilting is wholecloth or landscape/art quilts.

Here a 3 different landscape designs that I attempted using the Paint program on my computer. I got the inspiration from several photos I had taken at my brother's property. He has 30 or so beautiful wooded acres.
I took artistic license in these designs and put in some water as well as making the hills a bit more "mountain-ish". There are a lot more trees on the property than I have included in these computer designs, too.

Whether any of these designs will make their way into a quilt is still to be determined. It was fun messing around with designing landscapes on the computer, though.


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